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[00:41] <GitHub169> scummvm/master 689d053 Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: Add missing break to switch statement
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[01:26] <chatter29> hey guys
[01:26] <chatter29> allah is doing
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[01:26] <chatter29> to accept Islam say that i bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger
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[04:46] <Joefish> morning
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[05:41] <maxyodedara5> morning
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[05:54] <_sev_> morning
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[07:05] <waltervn> morning
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[07:10] <Joefish> morning
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[10:10] <GitHub123> [scummvm] stevenhoefel pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vSRor
[10:10] <GitHub123> scummvm/master d52d58d stevenhoefel: DIRECTOR: Initial work to load D5 assets.
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[10:12] <Strangerke|work> yeah, D5 :)
[10:23] <wanwan> so hundreds of plumbers-quality games coming soon? :)
[10:32] <Strangerke|work> well, at least Pyst! is involved at least
[10:32] <Henke37> huh. the issue tracker doesn't list director as an engine yet
[10:33] <Strangerke|work> I also have xfools, but I can't remember if it's D5. Most likely it is :)
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[12:10] <_sev|work> Henke37: what's the sense in enlisting it?
[12:11] <_sev|work> also, so far I finished only D2-D4 grammar. D5 is a long way to go
[12:15] <Henke37> is there a quick way to detect which version a director title is?
[12:15] <_sev|work> if it is Windows version, then try to add it
[12:15] <_sev|work> otherwise, look for strings in the main executable
[12:16] <Henke37> I do have windows versions. where is this data reported?
[12:16] <_sev|work> https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/blob/master/engines/director/detection.cpp#L247
[12:17] <_sev|work> or just search for word 'Director ' in the executable
[12:17] <_sev|work> then it says something
[12:17] <_sev|work> Project for Director 4.0.4
[12:18] <_sev|work> *Projector
[12:18] <Henke37> I suppose I should reenable the console window then
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[14:49] <maxyodedara5> Hey guys i am trying to resolve this bug (ticket no #6394)
[14:50] <maxyodedara5> So sev told me to do that i have to take a look at renderer and saveload file
[14:50] <maxyodedara5> I dont know how to get on with that
[14:51] <maxyodedara5> I am using vs2015 for building the scummvm
[14:51] <maxyodedara5> Any ideas on how to get started
[14:57] <Joefish> btw the same happens with the git hash / build date when selecting saves on the main screen
[14:57] <Henke37> well, do you have a visual studio solution?
[14:58] <Henke37> scummvm has a bit of a custom setup for that
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[15:18] <maxyodedara5> Yeah i built the solution
[15:18] Nick change: rootfather|afk -> rootfather
[15:19] <maxyodedara5> Made some changes in the dialog boxes text (eg choose to select ) it reflected in the solution
[15:19] <maxyodedara5> So solution works fine
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[15:30] <Henke37> heh. I found a director 7 game. what's the highest they went?
[15:34] <Strangerke|work> 12
[15:34] <Strangerke|work> released in 2013
[15:35] <Strangerke|work> Director has been discontinued in feb 2017
[15:35] <Strangerke|work> Director 7 is a rewrite from scratch, in 1998. Forget it.
[15:36] <Joefish> is mx v12?
[15:36] <Strangerke|work> mx is 9
[15:36] <Strangerke|work> (mx 2004 is 10)
[15:37] <Henke37> which version added support for embedding the flash player?
[15:37] <Joefish> oh wow. thought adobe didn't develop it any further when they bought macromedia
[15:37] <Strangerke|work> I think we should consider only titles up to 6
[15:37] <Strangerke|work> 6.5 integrates Quicktime 3 and xtra integration, and may be already too shitty to support
[15:37] <Henke37> Im sure that we don't have any precedent contrary to that suggestion *cough*scumm*cough*
[15:38] <Strangerke|work> v6 has shockwave and mp3 support
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[15:40] <Henke37> shockwave as in the browser embedding and not shockwave as in flash I hope
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[15:45] <Strangerke|work> I'm not sure :)
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[15:46] <Henke37> I think the director detector doesn't work on some games. the journalist demo isn't detected
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[16:50] <Henke37> urgh. I can't find the code responsible for the "dump-scripts" command line flag
[17:04] <madmoose> Henke37: In engines\scumm\? Search for _dumpScripts
[17:05] <Henke37> you are two minutes too late. already found it
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[17:18] <criezy> Hi guys
[17:21] <Joefish> hey
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[17:27] <criezy> Joefish: When you have the time, could you work on the two changes I requested for your PR #921?
[17:27] <criezy> If needed I can help you for the second one to find what the correct changes should be (they are quite simple).
[17:27] <criezy> (and there is also a big hint that was added recently in the bug report)
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[17:30] <WooShell> meow =^.^=
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[17:37] <Joefish> criezy: I want to be done with it today. Currently missing are better error messages and only rebuilding the dialog on language change.
[17:37] <criezy> OK. Thank you.
[17:38] <Joefish> criezy: did you do any dos programming (16bit real)?
[17:39] <logix> mov ax,13h; int 10h
[17:39] <Joefish> :)
[17:39] <logix> massive speedhack: xor ax,ax;
[17:39] <logix> :)
[17:40] <criezy> No. I started programming on Thomson MO5 computers (with BASIC) and then directly switched to mac at the end of the 80'.
[17:40] <criezy> I actually never had a DOS or a Windows computer.
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[17:40] <Joefish> oh wow
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[18:13] <m_kiewitz> has anyone seen the "Adventures of Tin Tin" movie?
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[18:17] <madmoose> m_kiewitz: The 3D one? A long time ago.
[18:17] <m_kiewitz> no no, the 1961 one lol
[18:18] <m_kiewitz> not the CGI one
[18:18] <m_kiewitz> (afaik actually real life)
[18:18] <m_kiewitz> ah it was called "Tintin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece"

[18:19] <logix> aren't there like 3 or 4?
[18:20] <m_kiewitz> possibly, i don't know exactly. the 1961 is the very first real life movie
[18:20] <m_kiewitz> there were also animated ones
[18:21] <logix> I mean animated ones, yes
[18:21] <logix> huh, perhaps I mean https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herg%C3%A9's_Adventures_of_Tintin
[18:21] <m_kiewitz> it seems the real life one was filmed in Turkey and Greece
[18:21] <m_kiewitz> and it actually looks quite faithful, I mean compared to the Hollywood stuff
[18:22] <m_kiewitz> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMAahCg58HE
[18:22] <m_kiewitz> it is real life though :P
[18:22] <criezy> I saw at least two real life tintin movies: la toison d'or and les oranges bleues.
[18:22] <m_kiewitz> but i can't find much info about it on the internet, no idea if it's great
[18:22] <criezy> And also le lac aux requins which is animated.
[18:23] <m_kiewitz> ah you have see the 1961 one? is it worth a buy?
[18:23] <m_kiewitz> *seen
[18:23] <criezy> I have seen it about 30 years ago and I remember little about it. So it's probably not that great.
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[18:26] <logix> oh wait, or perhaps I mean https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Adventures_of_Tintin_%28TV_series%29 - I really don't know, all I know is that it really was animated (so not what you mean) and it wasn't the 2011 movie
[18:27] <criezy> Thre were quite a few episodes of the TV animated series, much more than 3 or 4 :P
[18:28] <m_kiewitz> yeah there were animated ones too (well actual animation, not this CGI stuff)

[18:28] <logix> ugh, or perhaps http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069383/
[18:28] <m_kiewitz> yeah correct criezy
[18:28] <logix> Strangerke: yeah, that's what I thought I had seen, but it's been so long
[18:28] <m_kiewitz> Strangerke: you have seen the 1961 one?
[18:29] <logix> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0058663/
[18:29] <Strangerke> 1961? So old? Well, yes then
[18:29] <logix> (les oranges bleues)
[18:30] <logix> m_kiewitz: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055526/ 6.0 on amazon
[18:30] <logix> s/amazon/imdb/
[18:30] <logix> make of that what you want :)
[18:30] <m_kiewitz> Strangerke: lol, yeah really old. I think it took ages for it to get a blu-ray release.
[18:31] <m_kiewitz> "This is a live action movie and as a movie they actually did very well in creating the characters. In fact each of the characters appear so similar to the actual comic book characters it is amazing. "
[18:31] <m_kiewitz> that's what I thought.
[18:31] <m_kiewitz> And I really love that. I mean look at the Silent Hill 2 movie, it's laughable. Character is completely different.
[18:31] <m_kiewitz> Same with those awful Resident Evil movies
[18:32] <m_kiewitz> "the language always seems to be forced" :((
[18:32] <m_kiewitz> although maybe that was a dub, idk
[18:33] <m_kiewitz> Strangerke: can you remember some of it? was it good?
[18:35] <logix> m_kiewitz: yeah, or like the movie conversion of the atari classic game E.T.
[18:35] <logix> or wait, was it the other way round?
[18:35] <m_kiewitz> lol, the game that broke the gaming industry
[18:36] <logix> also, more seriously, pretty much anything directed by uwe boll
[18:37] <logix> although with those movies I sometimes just think that they're shells for some weird money laundering business or something
[18:37] <t0by> lol
[18:38] <logix> one or two, ok... sure... but boll appears to be on a life-long mission of creating the worst movies based on videogames
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[18:38] <logix> compared to them even the wing commander movie is like the citizen kane of game conversions
[18:39] <m_kiewitz> I actually kinda liked his "Postal" movie lol
[18:39] <m_kiewitz> had the balls to make a movie, where little children are getting shot
[18:40] <m_kiewitz> And at least the Alone in the Dark movie created this review masterpiece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TPEKMcsy2A
[18:40] <t0by> *boll appears to be on a life-long mission of creating the worst movies
[18:40] <t0by> ftfy
[18:41] <t0by> m_kiewitz, that's awesome
[18:41] <t0by> i'm laughing out loud
[18:42] <logix> t0by: right, I wasn't aware until I checked his imdb page just now that he had also written/directed/... movies not based on video games
[18:42] <t0by> Wait a second
[18:42] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[18:42] <logix> "based on" == "name rights coming from"
[18:42] <m_kiewitz> I'm have to give Uwe Boll props. They literally made CGI post production effects miss although the actor acts as if he got hit
[18:42] <t0by> Alone In The Dark features... Nightwish? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bROzoV3nrwY
[18:42] <m_kiewitz> s/I'm/I
[18:43] <t0by> Fantastic.
[18:43] <t0by> That automatically makes it the worst film ever.
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[18:43] <m_kiewitz> Uwe Boll is basically a troll disguised as a movie director
[18:43] <t0by> Michael Bay's Pear Harbor movie featuring the singing talents of Faith Hill is now second place.
[18:43] <t0by> m_kiewitz, lol.
[18:44] <t0by> Monkey Island reference intended?
[18:44] <t0by> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpqfzB5PEQo
[18:48] <logix> michael bay once went to a "wesleyan alumni" thing or something (at wesleyan), and a film student asked him some sophisticated question about transformers, like about the message of the movie about life or something
[18:48] <logix> and michael bay responded with "well, it's about robots blowing up shit... don't know about you, isn't that enough?"
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[19:13] <m_kiewitz> possibly for anyone who has a PS4
[19:13] <m_kiewitz> THQ Humble Bundle
[19:13] <m_kiewitz> https://www.humblebundle.com/thq-nordic-playstation-bundle
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[19:26] <Strangerke> m_kiewitz: a bit late, but as you mention Alone in the Dark, did you notice the release of 2Dark?
[19:26] <m_kiewitz> 2Dark?
[19:27] <Strangerke> new game from Fred
[19:27] <m_kiewitz> nope haven't heard of it
[19:27] <logix> sounds like a racing game featuring paul walker
[19:27] <logix> 2dark2furious
[19:27] <Strangerke> it was released some weeks ago
[19:28] <Strangerke> I'm waiting for my collector box :P
[19:28] <logix> screenshots look neat
[19:28] <Strangerke> http://store.steampowered.com/app/435100/
[19:28] <Strangerke> so, same guy than Alone in the Dark
[19:28] <Strangerke> everything-voxel engine
[19:29] <logix> it actually seems somewhat similar to what the name *really* suggested (alone in the dark in 2d)
[19:29] <Strangerke> There are no zombies, and you save kids... it's a bit different :P
[19:30] <m_kiewitz> logix: lol
[19:30] <m_kiewitz> collector's box?
[19:30] <m_kiewitz> uhhh i love those
[19:30] <m_kiewitz> PC only?
[19:31] <Strangerke> m_kiewitz: I'm also waiting for my Timbleweed park's box :D
[19:31] <m_kiewitz> i went crazy and actually purchased a Kill Bill Vol1 Box with 3 steelbook variants from South Korea :P
[19:32] <m_kiewitz> it's now sold out (pre-orders opened 2 or 3 days ago) only 500 are made
[19:32] <logix> wow, congratulations
[19:32] <Strangerke> hum, that makes me think I still have to buy the collector box of Dobberman
[19:32] <Strangerke> wow
[19:32] <Strangerke> how did you manage to grab one? a bit of luck?
[19:33] <m_kiewitz> i almost missed it
[19:33] <m_kiewitz> thread is on blu-ray.com
[19:34] <m_kiewitz> saw it 1 day after pre-order start, was like "omg" and they said that a few are still available
[19:34] <m_kiewitz> and the photos of it, oh my
[19:34] <m_kiewitz> Some of those steelbook companies really do a superb job
[19:35] <m_kiewitz> i got a few steelbooks from there end of last year, which they had on sale (which i was still surprised). One was for the movie "Dredd" (the new Judge Dredd movie)
[19:35] <m_kiewitz> the other one was that camera man movie
[19:36] <m_kiewitz> what is it called, the psychopath
[19:36] <m_kiewitz> Nightcrawler
[19:36] <m_kiewitz> that's it
[19:37] <m_kiewitz> i also got a JSA steelbook from there, which is also really nice. One of the best South Korean movies ever made
[19:37] <m_kiewitz> (Joint Security Area)
[19:37] <m_kiewitz> and I got a Limited Edition for the Japanese movie "Confessions"
[19:37] <m_kiewitz> from there as well
[19:38] Nick change: rrebello_ -> rrebello
[19:39] <Strangerke> Hum, I don't watch many Japanese movies...
[19:40] <Strangerke> I think the last was I saw was Zombie Ass... so... hum. Maybe I'm watching Z serie Japanese movies :P
[19:40] <m_kiewitz> Strangerke: this one is the Kill Bill Vol 1 box
[19:40] <m_kiewitz> http://www.novamnm.com/product/image_zoom2.html?product_no=794&cate_no=86&display_group=1
[19:40] <m_kiewitz> Confessions is REALLY REALLY great
[19:40] <Strangerke> very nice
[19:40] <m_kiewitz> I heard it was somewhat Battle Royale
[19:41] <m_kiewitz> I got the UK Blu-ray first and I was actually blown away
[19:41] <logix> wait, you heard?
[19:41] <logix> oh, as in you haven't seen battle royale?
[19:41] <m_kiewitz> yes i have
[19:41] <m_kiewitz> but Confessions is similar to Battle Royale in a way
[19:42] <m_kiewitz> I mean the psychopathic nature of it
[19:42] <m_kiewitz> it basically starts in a class room, the pupils ignore the teacher
[19:42] <m_kiewitz> then she says "i will quit being a teacher" and explains why. It's basically her daughter was murdered...
[19:42] <logix> so you're saying *you* think it's similar to battle royale?
[19:42] <m_kiewitz> and the 2 murderers are right now in the class room
[19:43] <logix> anyway, doesn't really matter, sounds intriguing
[19:43] <logix> thanks
[19:43] <m_kiewitz> and that's the first 3 minutes lol
[19:43] <logix> wow
[19:43] <m_kiewitz> it's a completely different plot than Battle Royale, but in a way it reminds me of it
[19:43] <m_kiewitz> i love Battle Royale, the second one was terrible, but the first is so great
[19:44] <logix> agreed
[19:44] <m_kiewitz> well what she then says at minute 4 is that she injected some of the milk that the pupils are drank with HIV positive blood
[19:44] <m_kiewitz> and that's not really a spoiler lol
[19:44] <m_kiewitz> the pupils drank, not are drank, sry
[19:45] <m_kiewitz> i had to get the Limited Edition after watching
[19:46] <logix> "messed up first scene" reminds me that I've been wanting to see this japanese movie "suicide club"
[19:46] <logix> the first scene is a japanese all-girls school class committing suicide by jumping in front of an approaching metro train
[19:46] <m_kiewitz> logix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnws8ZymxME that's the trailer
[19:46] <m_kiewitz> w/ subtitles
[19:47] <-- TMM left irc: Quit: Ex-Chat
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[19:52] <logix> m_kiewitz: nice, thanks
[19:53] <m_kiewitz> it also has very fantastic camera work
[19:54] <logix> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMcN9qhb5ZU
[19:55] <logix> that looks like what I remember :)
[19:57] <m_kiewitz> that's nothing compared to Miike Takashi's Visitor Q lol
[19:57] <m_kiewitz> yours is just a bit blood + gore, Visitor Q is...
[19:58] --> TMM joined #scummvm.
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[19:59] <m_kiewitz> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRc6dN7s1w4
[20:01] <logix> I'm not sure what I expected, but the trailer looks very... japanese
[20:02] <m_kiewitz> i think it's the most f... up movie I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot
[20:03] <logix> huh, shimokitazawa, is that a movie label?
[20:03] <m_kiewitz> trust me, you will never forget it
[20:03] <logix> ah, according to wikipedia it's a cinema in shimokitazawa, ok
[20:04] <somaen> tsoliman: Yup, really a no-brainer
[20:05] <m_kiewitz> i think that's yeah
[20:05] <m_kiewitz> another quite sick movie is "Irreversible", French movie
[20:06] <m_kiewitz> it has also fantastic camera work and it's a miracle that the movie actually ends on a somewhat pseudo-happy note
[20:07] <logix> ah, irreversible came up in the youtube suggestions after the visitor q trailer
[20:07] <logix> or rather the trailer for it
[20:09] <m_kiewitz> yes, probably both tagged with "f... up"
[20:10] <m_kiewitz> and the making of for Irreversible is quite fascinating, they used quite a bit of CGI, but you don't notice anything because it's all sorts of small things
[20:13] <logix> I assume somebody feeds dogs with steaks covered in some flower seeds
[20:13] <logix> BUT THE DOGS DON'T REALLY DIE!
[20:15] <-- rootfather left irc: Quit: Suchst du das Ziel? Oder den Sinn des Lebens?
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[21:11] <t0by> Is that another Monkey Island reference?
[21:18] <logix> how appropriate, you fight like a cow
[21:19] <-- ny00123 left irc: Quit: Leaving
[21:21] <somaen> t0by: Hopefully you're better at MI-references than Mario-related FMV-game references?
[21:22] <t0by> I swear to god
[21:22] <t0by> it only occurred to me *now* that Mario... is a plumber.
[21:24] <somaen> It's their family business
[21:25] <somaen> You should know, he's one of your countrymen
[21:26] <somaen> (Or he _might_ be Italian-American, seeing as his home town is New York, but his nationality is actually "Italian" according to Wikipedia)
[21:30] <t0by> Let me rephrase
[21:30] <t0by> It occurred to me that the Plumbers engine is called Mario because Mario... is a plumber.
[21:31] <somaen> Fun fact: Mobygames lists both a category for "Programming by" and "Computer Programming" for a certain game.
[21:31] <-- waltervn left irc: Quit: Leaving
[21:32] <somaen> I did not actually know that PC Gamer UK gave the game 3% either
[21:35] <logix> could be worse
[21:35] <-- ajax16384 left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
[21:36] <logix> t0by: what did you think mario (the engine name) stood for?
[21:36] <somaen> Actually running Super Mario?
[21:37] <somaen> Wow that game is expensive on ebay
[21:38] <logix> "National Mario Day is celebrated on March 10" - TIL...
[21:44] <fydo> Mar10
[21:45] <-- chadj left irc: Quit: Out!
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[21:45] <somaen> Just like May 4.
[21:46] --> Strangerke_ joined #scummvm.
[21:46] --> chadj joined #scummvm.
[21:46] <somaen> took me a while to catch on to that one as well, as I don't read dates american style in general
[21:48] <-- Strangerke left irc: Ping timeout: 258 seconds
[21:48] Nick change: Strangerke_ -> Strangerke
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[21:57] <logix> fydo: yeah, obvious enough, I just had never heard of this before today :)
[22:03] <fydo> :D
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[22:39] <m_kiewitz> somaen: do you know Mario's last name?
[22:41] <t0by> Nite folks
[22:43] <Joefish> night t0by
[22:45] <-- t0by left irc: Quit: Bye!
[23:49] <-- m_kiewitz left irc: Quit: technology isn't intrinsically good or evil. It's how it's used. Like the Death Ray.
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