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[00:10] <Deledrius> evening
[00:12] <snover> Deledrius! hello! how are your sci games running today?
[00:13] <Lightkey> very early evening at 2 am
[00:18] <Deledrius> So far so good, snover. I hope to get some dedicated playtesting time in the next couple of days.
[00:18] <snover> i live on counter-earth and its always evening here
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[00:38] <snover> today is one of those days where it takes longer to write a coherent explanation of a changeset than it took to make the changes
[00:41] <Lightkey> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvgtY0wzagA
[00:48] <exmensa> I didn't know Sierra had CDs with no system label; my used copy of KQ7 is for Mac but doesn't say so anywhere on the disc, and the jewelcase insert it came in only lists Windows installation instructions so I assume they're from different copies :/
[00:50] <snover> i cant say i would be very surprised if it turned out that it came that way in the box
[00:52] <exmensa> I suppose they just had an extra sheet with Mac instructions, you're probably right on that
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[01:58] <snover> my novels of commit messages :|
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[01:58] <GitHub79> [scummvm] csnover pushed 3 new commits to master: https://git.io/v9wlY
[01:58] <GitHub79> scummvm/master 604ac1a Colin Snover: SCI32: Update cursor even when position appears unchanged...
[01:58] <GitHub79> scummvm/master 57dd79d Colin Snover: SCI32: Detect and handle tight loops around kGetEvent...
[01:58] <GitHub79> scummvm/master 8e933b7 Colin Snover: SCI32: Add Spanish Windows KQ7 to detection table...
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[02:09] <Lightkey> exmensa: that's the case with my German Phantasmagoria for Mac version, English Mac CDs in German Windows box (with stickers on it saying it's for Mac) with German Windows jewel case inserts and manual, only one additional b/w page with the English Mac installation instruction added in, doesn't get cheaper than this
[02:09] <Lightkey> though it does say Mac on the CDs
[02:20] <ScummBot_> Port build status changed with 8e933b79: Failure: master-gcw0
[02:20] <snover> WHAT
[02:21] <snover> ENABLE_SCI32 #fail
[02:21] <Lightkey> you dun fucked up
[02:21] <snover> 
[02:22] <snover> at least theres still one environment on buildbot that doesnt enable sci32
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[02:24] <GitHub7> [scummvm] csnover pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v9wl7
[02:24] <GitHub7> scummvm/master c9f22eb Colin Snover: SCI32: Add missing ifdef for EngineState::_eventCounter
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[02:31] <snover> bgK: are you around? i have bug questions.
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[02:46] <GitHub118> [scummvm] csnover pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/v9w8X
[02:46] <GitHub118> scummvm/master a403523 Colin Snover: SCI32: Add workaround for KQ7...
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[04:23] <ScummBot_> Port build status changed with c9f22eb1: Success: master-gcw0
[04:27] <bgK> snover: the KQ7 deathh screen bug was fixed by your kGetEvent tight loop fix. Thanks for the fix, and sorry for the misleading bug report.
[04:28] <snover> bgK: im glad that fixed it for you, though i tried to reproduce it from f30f34cbdee64a2cf22e1803fb8a165c0f353384 and it didnt break
[04:28] <snover> and i actually managed to die at that place several times when i ran through kq7 months ago
[04:28] <snover> so& mysterious
[04:30] <snover> in the future, it would be good to write the actual commit id and not current git master :)
[04:33] <bgK> sure
[04:38] <snover> argh. the X cursor that is supposed to show up when you cant click on something in kq7 is not working now.
[04:41] <snover> https://gist.github.com/csnover/4e134927c9c7127f499907d31ae21cfd
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[04:59] <snover> i wonder if i am going to have to fall back to something even more ridiculous like sticking some code in run_vm that checks the tick count and calls updateScreen if the tick elapses and nobody called it yet, or something
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[07:45] <tsoliman> a lot of you are probably asleep, but hopefully you'll see this when you check the logs
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[07:46] <tsoliman> you are all my heroes - everyone who has contributed to this project has made it possible for me to enjoy my memories a little bit more and even have new experiences
[07:46] <tsoliman> thank you all for your hard work
[08:20] <m_kiewitz> snover: I'm getting tons of warnings in eco quest 2
[08:20] <m_kiewitz> WARNING: Object 0001:14be (arrowC) from script.0 buffer declares 20 variables, b
[08:20] <m_kiewitz> ut its class declares 17 variables!
[08:20] <m_kiewitz> WARNING: Object 0001:14e6 (nonC) from script.0 buffer declares 20 variables, but
[08:20] <m_kiewitz> its class declares 17 variables!
[08:21] <m_kiewitz> etc.
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[09:41] <m_kiewitz> snover: have you checked that this gk1 animation issue is not caused by updatescreen within palette code?
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[09:57] <WooShell> good meowning =^.^=
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[11:00] <TMM> snover, exmensa, I've had some sierra cds from the store where the inserts where printed double sided, one side with mac, one side with pc. Sometimes they were inserted the wrong way around in the back of the case. If that's the insert you're talking about. Removing the black cd-holder allows you to swap it. If you're talking about the front insert, I have no idea :)
[11:02] <m_kiewitz> wjp: can you trace script execution in SCI32?
[11:07] <wjp> in ssci?
[11:07] <m_kiewitz> wjp: ye
[11:07] <m_kiewitz> yes
[11:07] <wjp> gk1?
[11:08] <wjp> not really, although _maybe_ some kernel calls
[11:09] <m_kiewitz> hmm
[11:09] <m_kiewitz> im currently looking into an animation issue
[11:10] <wjp> I saw the mails
[11:10] <m_kiewitz> it seems we probably do not fix invalid loops the right way
[11:10] <m_kiewitz> ah you get all of them?
[11:10] <m_kiewitz> according to script code it seems numOfLoops is "correct" in Grycler
[11:10] <m_kiewitz> which means it looks as if we don't fix it properly for displaying (probably first frame out call right after that)
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[11:21] <wjp> hm, didn't we look at invalid loop displaying before?
[11:21] <wjp> in gk1 too
[11:22] <wjp> for sPutOnRobe apparently
[11:24] <wjp> did you check if the kNumCels workaround is relevant and/or being triggered?
[11:28] <m_kiewitz> not yet
[11:28] <wjp> (it sounds potentially relevant if grycler thinks the number of loops is one too high)
[11:28] <m_kiewitz> i have just tried to figure out what's going on script wise
[11:28] <m_kiewitz> no, that other one seems to be "correct"
[11:28] <m_kiewitz> they check if loops is greater than 8 or so and then set numOfLoops to 4
[11:28] <m_kiewitz> it is weird, but it seems it is meant to be like that
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[11:38] <wjp> what other one?
[11:47] <m_kiewitz> i meant "numOfLoops" being 4 is correct (and supposed to be like that)
[11:50] <m_kiewitz> wjp: kNumCels doesn't seem to be executed before kFrameOut
[11:50] <wjp> what do I do to reproduce this exactly?
[11:50] <wjp> I don't have the right version for this save it seems
[11:51] <wjp> I teleported to room 380, and am looking at things
[11:54] <m_kiewitz> sit down
[11:54] <m_kiewitz> then look left
[11:54] <m_kiewitz> then look right
[11:55] <m_kiewitz> when you look at something to the right 1 frame is shown w/ gabriel standing
[11:55] <m_kiewitz> which seems to be view 381, loop 0, cel X
[11:55] <wjp> I automatically sit down when entering the room
[11:55] <m_kiewitz> ah ok
[11:55] <m_kiewitz> then just look at stuff to the left of gabriel and afterwards to the right
[11:56] <wjp> not seeing anything
[11:56] <m_kiewitz> which version do you have?
[11:57] <wjp> I do 'room 380', wait for the entrance cutscene to finish and ego is sitting, look at the plant on the left next to the door, and then at the oil lamp in the far bottom right
[11:57] <m_kiewitz> it's probably really a bug that someone gets fixed by kFrameOut or so
[11:57] <m_kiewitz> try to look at the stairs
[11:57] <m_kiewitz> that does it for me
[11:57] <wjp> nothing
[11:57] <m_kiewitz> let me try another gk1 version
[11:58] <wjp> this is gog/windows
[11:58] <m_kiewitz> weird, especially weird because i thought gog didn't add fan patches
[11:59] <m_kiewitz> my Limited Edition GK1 is 1.100.000 (VERSION)
[11:59] <m_kiewitz> is there another gk1 version?
[11:59] <m_kiewitz> saved game works fine for me
[12:00] <m_kiewitz> and there is no script patch inside scummvm directory or so?
[12:00] <m_kiewitz> ah i see, for my localized gk1 it seems gabriel isn't looking to the right or left at all
[12:01] <m_kiewitz> ah got it
[12:01] <m_kiewitz> you need to talk once w/ granny
[12:01] <m_kiewitz> then exit and then gabriel's head moves
[12:01] <m_kiewitz> and i get the same issue in localized gk1
[12:02] <wjp> WARNING: Save game was created for game version 01.100.000, but the current game version is 1.000.051!
[12:02] <wjp> is what I get from the savegame
[12:02] <m_kiewitz> you got an earlier version of the game? o_O
[12:03] <wjp> unless I'm very confused, this is from gog
[12:03] <m_kiewitz> wth is gog doing
[12:03] <m_kiewitz> in any case try what i wrote
[12:03] <wjp> I'll try talking first, then re-install the game from the installer just to make sure
[12:04] <wjp> ok, getting it now
[12:04] <wjp> room 380, talk, exit conversation, look plant, look lamp, animation glitch
[12:05] <m_kiewitz> yes
[12:05] <wjp> now I wonder if csnover tried talking in the original
[12:05] <m_kiewitz> i wonder if original ssci also has loop 4 on first frameout call after clicking there
[12:05] <m_kiewitz> ah right
[12:05] <m_kiewitz> good thought
[12:06] <m_kiewitz> maybe it actually also happens in the original
[12:06] <m_kiewitz> i can try patching the original, otherwise im not sure how fast you can get to granny
[12:07] <m_kiewitz> we should really mention that people shall please check original in case that's possible
[12:07] <m_kiewitz> still in case this actually happens in the original too it's going to be a nightmare to patch
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[12:16] <m_kiewitz> argh
[12:16] <m_kiewitz> granny's house crashed in original SCI for me
[12:16] <m_kiewitz> error number 999
[12:16] <m_kiewitz> great dos-box, you had 1 job
[12:17] <m_kiewitz> wjp: can you please try? you can get there right from the start
[12:17] <m_kiewitz> read newspaper, get tweezers, get mag glass
[12:17] <m_kiewitz> talk to grace, ask for messages twice
[12:17] <m_kiewitz> open cash register and get gift certificate
[12:18] <wjp> happens in the original too
[12:18] <m_kiewitz> now go outside and directly go to
[12:18] <m_kiewitz> nice
[12:19] <m_kiewitz> oh god how will i patch this :(
[12:19] <wjp> (I used a savegame on day 3 I had lying around)
[12:21] <m_kiewitz> is there another situation where Gabriel sits down in the same way?
[12:22] <wjp> it's been too long since I played through it
[12:25] <wjp> the Cazanough residence maybe
[12:26] <wjp> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14wZ9V9L-nA
[12:26] <m_kiewitz> ah but with the disguise so it's another view
[12:27] <m_kiewitz> how do mirror'd cels work in SCI32?
[12:27] <m_kiewitz> is it a flag for the object?
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[14:05] <rootfather> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy_eUFqIiBQ
[14:05] <rootfather> I *think* I heard that melody at the beginning somewhere too :P
[15:06] <logix> I clicked on that link with a certain expectation
[15:06] <logix> was not disappointed
[15:10] <m_kiewitz> wjp: is it somewhat easy to enlarge a script segment?
[15:11] <m_kiewitz> it seems there is not enough space to fix it, and worse: it seems i have to fix Grycler
[15:11] <m_kiewitz> which is probably used tons of times and thus that fix can cause tons of issues in theory
[15:15] <m_kiewitz> heap is right now put right after the script code, right?
[15:16] <m_kiewitz> that means I would have to extend the script code size, would this break saved games?
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[15:31] <snover> wjp, m_kiewitz: i did test it in dosbox and wasnt able to cause the problem (even with cpu cycles set to 10%), but i dont have the GOG version. i also looked to see if the getNumCels loop number workaround was being triggered in scummvm and it didnt trigger the debugger message for it
[15:31] <snover> its also possible i did something wrong when i tested it
[15:31] <m_kiewitz> snover: you talked with granny first?
[15:31] <snover> oh, shoo, no i didnt do that
[15:31] <snover> i just sat down and started looking
[15:31] <m_kiewitz> ha, that's the problem then
[15:33] <m_kiewitz> internally Grycler either sets numOfLoops to 8 or 4
[15:33] <m_kiewitz> and that view of Gabriel sitting down only has 3 loops
[15:34] <m_kiewitz> it seems to set the loop based on heading
[15:34] <m_kiewitz> which is loop 3 for that one case
[15:34] <m_kiewitz> which doesn't exist
[15:35] <m_kiewitz> so it uses loop 0 for one frame
[15:35] <m_kiewitz> i guess loop gets fixed by scripts after that
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[15:37] <snover> ok. yes. talking to grandma first, now it happens in ssci.
[15:38] <snover> m_kiewitz: do you still want to know how mirroring cels work?
[15:38] <m_kiewitz> ah yes, that would be interesting
[15:38] <m_kiewitz> is it possible for the scripts to tell the renderer to mirror?
[15:39] <m_kiewitz> or is it just a flag for certain cels like it was in sci16?
[15:40] <snover> turns out ive forgotten this so give me a sec :)
[15:41] <m_kiewitz> lol
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[15:57] <snover> so there is still the mirror flag in the loop header, and it looks like game scripts can set whether a pic or a plane should be mirrored
[15:58] <m_kiewitz> ah that is possible now? interesting
[15:58] <snover> i dont see that they can set extra mirroring for views though
[15:58] <m_kiewitz> the flag inside the loop header is how it worked in sc16
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[16:11] <snover> let me know if you need anything else from me, i am going to go fiddle around with the dang screen update code a little bit more
[16:12] <snover> oh, no, wait. looking at the list of tickets im going to go fix 9764 now.
[16:16] <m_kiewitz> hmm for fixing that gk1 granny animation issue, i will have to add more code to the script
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[16:16] <m_kiewitz> do you know if we currently just paste the heap to the end of the script data?
[16:16] <snover> m_kiewitz: yes, it works the same as sci1.1
[16:16] <m_kiewitz> and i wonder if the saved games are using absolute offsets for heap
[16:17] <m_kiewitz> so in that case i can't really extend them without breaking saved game
[16:17] <m_kiewitz> *games
[16:17] <m_kiewitz> unless of course i extend them heap-wise and then jump over the heap which is quite hacky
[16:18] <criezy> That bug #9764 looks like the assert I hit once when starting KQ6 yesterday and then could not reproduce.
[16:18] <snover> i cant reproduce any of it
[16:19] <snover> EQ CD fine, EQ2 fine, KQ6 fine
[16:19] <m_kiewitz> i didn't get it in eq cd either
[16:23] <m_kiewitz> maybe someone should valgrind it
[16:23] <criezy> I tried. It gave nothing relevant.
[16:24] <criezy> See https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/9757
[16:37] <snover> i thiiink& i will convert these to warnings, to collect more information.
[16:39] <m_kiewitz> yes
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[16:41] <wjp> hrm, a whole bunch of out of bounds errors in readAudioMapSCI11 from a single user?
[16:41] --> Vampire0_ joined #scummvm.
[16:42] <wjp> would truncated/missing audio data somehow cause this?
[16:42] <snover> yes, these assertions are exactly to protect against truncated audio volumes
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[16:43] <wjp> do we output the volume size with any debug level/flags ?
[16:43] <m_kiewitz> i don't think so
[16:43] <wjp> but I guess that's what you're planning to output in the warning
[16:43] <snover> (if the audio volume was missing entirely, the function would return early with a warning, so theres that)
[16:44] <wjp> or maybe error() since it's already an assert anyway
[16:44] <wjp> given the lack of details from this user, the warning could probably have been missed or ignored
[16:45] <snover> i was waffling on whether to make it an error instead of a warning
[16:45] <wjp> oh, return early. Never mind.
[16:46] <wjp> how long have these asserts been in there?
[16:46] <wjp> since january it seems
[16:46] <snover> they were part of the bounds-checking code
[16:47] <wjp> error I suppose
[16:51] <m_kiewitz> can't we scan the files of games that we own before doing that?
[16:52] <m_kiewitz> in case there are errors in some of them, we would break games
[16:52] <m_kiewitz> and can't we just add a popup, that needs to be confirmed somehow?
[16:52] <m_kiewitz> i don't like the idea of just stopping everything just because there is not enough audio data available
[16:53] <m_kiewitz> for the user it would be quite frustrating in case the last saved game was made 1 hour earlier
[16:53] <snover> these checks occur before the game starts
[16:53] <wjp> this is on startup
[16:53] <m_kiewitz> ah they do
[16:53] <m_kiewitz> well then ok
[16:53] <snover> though i was actually halfway through writing a similar thing, about warning, setting a flag, and then showing a GUI::MessageDialog if the flag is set
[16:54] <m_kiewitz> but right maybe even mention that this could be caused by a broken copy
[16:55] <snover> game data appears corrupt. please mash face into keyboard to continue
[16:55] <m_kiewitz> lol yeah
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[17:28] <snover> m_kiewitz: also, those object warnings you mentioned in eq2 are probably due to a bad compiler
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[17:29] <snover> some object instances have more variables than their own class, which are inaccessible by selector
[17:30] <snover> id only seen this on island of dr brain previously
[17:36] <wjp> (bad compiler, or maybe partially recompiled and/or mixing different versions of scripts?)
[17:37] <m_kiewitz> was the warning just added or were there also code changes on top of that?
[17:39] <snover> wjp: good point, it could also be those things
[17:40] <snover> m_kiewitz: i had made a change where the number of variables was read from the class, but that exploded, so now it is back the way it was before, just with an error
[17:40] <snover> er
[17:40] <snover> with a warning
[17:41] <m_kiewitz> ok, i wonder how many other games are affected
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[17:43] <snover> my ecoquest cd seems to be affected
[17:44] <snover> though, m_kiewitz, i think you were actually looking at ecoquest cd, and not ecoquest 2, when that happened, since the messages & object IDs are identical :)
[17:44] <m_kiewitz> right
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[17:52] <snover> https://zetafleet.com/i/590f5efc43db3.png OK message?
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[17:54] <snover> the console messages look like this: WARNING: Resource audio36.405(13, 29, 54, 5) points beyond end of RESAUD.001 (104226888 >= 100826901)!
[17:56] <snover> i dont know if i want to tell people to open a ticket in the startup dialogue or not. some original copies of sierra games did come with bad files; that warning i just pasted is what happens when the bad map file on PQ:SWAT CD1 is not ignored.
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[19:06] <m_kiewitz> snover: that's great (the dialog)
[19:09] <snover> unfortunately resource manager seems to have only half-implemented error detection so right now it is a little hacky. let me show you what ive done, to see if you see any easy improvements.
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[19:18] <m_kiewitz> yes, fully agreed
[19:19] <snover> m_kiewitz: https://github.com/csnover/scummvm/commit/6d025088234338286ada3be0be7e77a96b322738
[19:19] <m_kiewitz> would really like it in case we at least had a debug command to fully verify all resources
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[19:45] <snover> yes, and, regrettably, the things i added still wont catch all sorts of problems. but it is better than it was.
[20:01] <m_kiewitz> yes, agreed
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[20:15] <m_kiewitz> this looks kinda bad
[20:15] <m_kiewitz> https://bugs.scummvm.org/attachment/ticket/9771/Capture%20d%27%C3%A9cran%20de%202017-05-07%2019-13-21.png
[20:16] <m_kiewitz> can anyone do a bisect?
[20:16] <snover> do you have a save game you can send me?
[20:16] <m_kiewitz> although maybe it's a bug in the original game or maybe a problem with the subtitle patch
[20:16] <m_kiewitz> bgK: do you have a saved game?
[20:17] <snover> oh, i have bad tunnel vision
[20:17] <m_kiewitz> i know that the current ports code isn't 100% accurate and I'm trying to fix it (it's basically a 1 off), but I doubt this issue here is caused by that
[20:18] <snover> https://zetafleet.com/i/590f81320ee8e.png works for me
[20:18] <m_kiewitz> (fixing it caused other issues, it seems that we use the port rect directly, but ssci used rects inclusive bottom right and we use rects with exclusive bottom right
[20:18] <snover> running from KQ Collection 1997
[20:18] <m_kiewitz> ah a view is missing?
[20:19] <m_kiewitz> or maybe a priority issue
[20:19] <m_kiewitz> wjp: do you own KQ6 from GOG?
[20:19] <m_kiewitz> maybe a fan patch, idk
[20:19] <m_kiewitz> I'm blind btw. "This did not happen with ScummVM 1.9.0."
[20:19] <m_kiewitz> so it is a regression
[20:19] <m_kiewitz> :/
[20:20] <m_kiewitz> i changed a bit of the subtitle patch, so maybe that one is responsible?!
[20:20] <m_kiewitz> snover: have you tried subtitles + voices at the same time?
[20:21] <snover> nope,let me try it with that.
[20:21] <snover> yep, its broken with speech+subtitles
[20:23] <m_kiewitz> :/
[20:23] <m_kiewitz> so probably my fault, a bisect may still be useful
[20:24] <m_kiewitz> still weird, the patch change fixed some other issues
[20:24] <m_kiewitz> *changed
[20:25] <m_kiewitz> and it was about special dialog boxes, not game over ones
[20:27] <snover> a46f3c1 broke it
[20:28] <snover> m_kiewitz: ^
[20:28] <m_kiewitz> that was me?
[20:28] <snover> yes
[20:28] <snover> SCI: Fix kq6 CD audio+subtitle script patch
[20:28] <snover> Original patch caused a text window to be shown at the cliffs
[20:28] <snover> (copy protection), even when audio-only mode was active.
[20:28] <m_kiewitz> :(((
[20:28] <m_kiewitz> now that's really weird
[20:29] <m_kiewitz> shouldn't change anything about priority etc.
[20:29] <m_kiewitz> i must have missed something
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