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[01:40] <GitHub6> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vyHD2
[01:40] <GitHub6> scummvm/master 7c2fb94 Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: Finished CStarControlSub5 proc2
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[03:09] <endiliey> hi
[03:18] <dreammaster> G'day
[03:19] <endiliey> :)
[03:19] <endiliey> Is there anyone who participated in GSoC before ? for scummVM
[03:21] <dreammaster> Well, I've acted as a co-mentor previously, but I'm just finishing up for the day.
[03:21] <endiliey> by the way. Hi! My name is Endilie Yacop Sucipto. I came from Indonesia but currently studying at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I recently checked through GSoC list of orgs and scummVM has caught my attention :D
[03:21] <endiliey> hi @dreammaster. Nice to meet you !
[03:21] <dreammaster> It may be a bad time, you might want to try a little later (or earlier as the case may be) :)
[03:22] <dreammaster> But if you've got any quick questions, I'll try to answer as best I can
[03:22] <endiliey> may I clarify what do you mean by "a little later" ? :D
[03:24] <dreammaster> As in, not right now. This is kind of late night for us in America, and still early morning for those in Europe.
[03:24] <endiliey> Oh correct !! I didn't consider that, silly me
[03:24] <endiliey> okay great. what time would be a great time to ask questions
[03:25] <dreammaster> Though you can always ask a question, and as long as you're patient enough, someone will likely answer it. The channel is logged at http://logs.scummvm.org, so you don't even need to stay in channel to see the answers later, though it is good manners
[03:25] <dreammaster> answer it eventually, I mean
[03:25] <endiliey> :) it's okay then
[03:26] <dreammaster> Anyway, it's getting late for me, as I said, so goodnight.
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[03:27] <Deledrius> Welcome, endiliey :)
[03:27] <endiliey> Goodnight @dreammaster !
[03:27] <endiliey> Hi Deledrius !
[03:31] <endiliey> I am interested in some of scummVM project for GSoC 2017, mainly : SLUDGE engine and Mission Supernova games
[03:34] <endiliey> And since I'm new, I would love to get a suggestion for a good start in any of the project. Is there anyone working on the project ? :)
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[06:54] <logix> endiliey: FYI, it's 7:53 am in central europe right now, so you should see a bit more activity soon
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[07:01] <logix> t0by: when you said yesterday "it's been what... 14, 15 years?" regarding (translations of) lucasarts games, I think you were off by a decade :)
[07:01] <t0by> logix, translations, yes. But it's been 15 years since I played indy3 :P
[07:01] <t0by> morning all
[07:02] <logix> t0by: ah, ok
[07:04] <logix> I remember one time in 2006 or 2007 when I decided to un-dust my n64 and play some ocarina of time again and only when it started up realized "oh... has it really been 10 years?"
[07:04] <logix> a few months ago I had to think of that time - guess what I thought
[07:06] <t0by> obligatory xkcd
[07:06] <t0by> https://xkcd.com/1393/
[07:07] <endiliey> logix: thanks !
[07:08] <endiliey> morning all
[07:08] <t0by> o/
[07:09] <endiliey> Unfortunately I live in south east asia so there is alot of time difference
[07:09] <endiliey> hahaha
[07:10] <logix> t0by: nice once, before clicking I expected https://www.xkcd.com/1757/
[07:10] <t0by> NO
[07:10] <t0by> logix, i hate you
[07:11] <t0by> uh wikipedia isn't so old, is it?
[07:11] <endiliey> import gravity
[07:11] <t0by> oh, it is.
[07:11] <endiliey> fly ~
[07:11] <t0by> but it wasn't really "a thing" before 2006, was it?
[07:11] <logix> I remember it being used a bit before that
[07:13] <logix> I know that some time around 2000 a friend told me that he had just installed a "wiki" and when I asked him what that was he said "web pages that everybody can edit" - my response was "that sounds incredibly stupid"
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[07:16] <logix> t0by: there should be a meta "obligatory xkcd" - an xkcd on the fact that there are so many xkcds now that you can throw one in really often, like what you just did
[07:16] <logix> might cover simpsons/futurama too while he's at it
[07:17] <logix> endiliey: what time is it for you? 2:17pm?
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[07:19] <_sev|work_> endiliey: the GSoC hasn't started yet, not even started acceptance of the applications from students
[07:20] <t0by> https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/timeline <---
[07:20] <_sev|work_> endiliey: the suggested start, as described on our Wiki, is to get yourself compile ScummVM and then fix some bug from our tracker, or use any other way of your ability to successfully contribute to our code, with following all of our code-related guidelines
[07:20] <t0by> Would it be a good idea to pin it in the /topic along with the ideas page?
[07:21] <_sev|work_> t0by: well, for me it is also a signal, whether students try to do their homework or not
[07:22] <t0by> endiliey, anyway, I'm a former gsoccer.
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[08:13] <waltervn> hmm, google.nl is broken
[08:13] <t0by> A good time as any to switch to https://www.unbubble.eu/ :)
[08:14] <t0by> er, I meant https://www.qwant.com/
[08:15] <logix> waltervn: works for me
[08:15] <logix> waltervn: at least the front page
[08:15] <waltervn> yes, it seems intermittent... and related to something called the quic-protocol
[08:16] <logix> I don't know any dutch, it's such a different language to german and english, so I don't know how to search there
[08:16] <logix> therefore I just tested if the front page works
[08:16] <waltervn> ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR might happen on Chrome-only I suppose
[08:16] <logix> waltervn: ah, firefox here
[08:18] <logix> (also, search works too - and thanks to me misspelling the name of tuesday's election winner I now know a dutch slang word for male genitalia)
[08:19] <Endy> Yeah, QUIC is Chrome only
[08:19] <Endy> QUIC errors may be a sign that someone is MITM'ing you :)
[08:19] <Endy> Are you on a trusted network?
[08:20] <waltervn> http://allestoringen.nl/storing/google has many people reporting this issue right now though
[08:20] <logix> just do the industry standard in cases like this
[08:20] <logix> click "whatever, I don't care, ignore all warnings, proceed"
[08:21] <Endy> I love getting a Chrome SSL error page up and just typing the 'badidea' keyword to skip it :P
[08:21] <Harekiet> ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR here as well when trying to login into gmail
[08:21] <logix> Endy: seriously, chrome asks you to explicitly type "badidea" to skip ssl errors?
[08:21] <logix> I like that
[08:22] <Endy> logix: It's a hidden 'magic word', for us devs that can't be bothered clicking through the UI to bypass them :)
[08:22] <Endy> It used to be 'danger', but they changed it to 'badidea' a few releases ago.
[08:23] <logix> Endy: ah, ok
[08:25] <rootfather> Endy, thanks for the hint with "badidea"
[08:25] <logix> Endy: I'm not entirely certain how to think of *that* - it makes it a bit too easy to just fly through ssl problems in autopilot
[08:25] <rootfather> Might be helpful
[08:26] <Endy> rootfather: Yeah, when I'm testing things via IP (or configuring an embedded device that wants to use HTTPS with a self-signed cert) it's a lifesaver.
[08:26] <Endy> logix: That is one potential problem - definately should only be used when your *expecting* the SSL to be invalid :)
[08:27] <logix> Endy: in cases like that I always import the self-signed cert
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[08:28] <logix> well, that still gives host name mismatch errors, at least in the "embedded device" case
[08:28] <Endy> yup
[08:28] <logix> (unless you're able to regenerate the cert)
[08:30] <logix> I just ranted with someone just a few minutes ago by the fact how much I'm annoyed when official documentation suggests to just ignore ssl errors "as they're to be expected"
[08:32] <logix> in the browser case there's no really simple solution, but I've also seen it with commandline tools - where instead of a parameter to just ignore the ssl errors you could also 1) download the certs via curl or openssl and 2..oo) refer the tool to the certs you now have on file
[08:33] <logix> in the browser case I often tunnel that through ssh connections and I trust ssh and connections to localhost enough to just skip everything then
[08:33] <logix> skip checks that is
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[08:35] <Joefish> morning
[08:42] <t0by> o/
[08:43] <Joefish> \o
[08:44] <Joefish> first thing I did today was checking my mails for sev's reply :P
[08:44] <Joefish> I'm not really good at playing that patience game :)
[08:47] <t0by> lol.
[08:47] <t0by> basically you join when he leaves and viceversa.
[08:48] <Joefish> well yesterday when we were talking he was online but I guess was busy with other stuff. I mean there's still lots of time till the deadline for the proposal
[08:57] <endiliey> @sev : I understand that it hasn't started yet, and it's the more reason for me to ask early. I have compiled scummVM and currently trying out some stuff. Just tried playing with the games just now, like sfinx
[08:57] <endiliey> @toby : hi toby ! nice to meet you then
[08:58] <t0by> endiliey: quick tip: avoid misspelling nicks on IRC and/or prepending a @, simply because most people are not as paranoid as I am and don't have their client configured to give a notice for *all* possible permutations and lookalikes :)
[08:58] <t0by> nice to meet you too!
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[09:29] <m_kiewitz> everyone cross their fingers for me, that I finally get Phantasmagoria 2 (Japanese version)
[09:29] <m_kiewitz> silly Japanese shop puts it on sale almost every day, but only starting at 14:00 JST until 1:00 JST and fromjapan's business hours are only up to 19:00 JST
[09:32] <m_kiewitz> Phantasmagoria 2 is CERO D or CERO Z, so automatic shopping doesn't work lol
[09:32] <m_kiewitz> i wonder if Sierra censored it in Japan or not
[09:38] <logix> m_kiewitz: so... wait... somebody has to approve the sale manually I guess? and what if you place your order after 19:00 JST, can't they just look into the issue the next day?
[09:38] <m_kiewitz> yes
[09:38] <m_kiewitz> well they will look into it at 8:00, item is not on sale, cancel my order
[09:38] <logix> ah! gotcha
[09:38] <m_kiewitz> because the silly Japanese shop puts it on sale only starting at 14:00 JST
[09:39] <logix> and the silly japanese shop doesn't do direct sales outside of japan?
[09:39] <m_kiewitz> and I paid for it 11 minutes ago, 21 minutes to go until business closes
[09:39] <m_kiewitz> nope, it's Japan only
[09:39] <m_kiewitz> thank god, otherwise the item would be gone already
[09:39] <m_kiewitz> and the prices would be way higher
[09:39] <m_kiewitz> i could make a fortune importing rare Japanese game items and then selling them on ebay
[09:40] <m_kiewitz> yes yes yes
[09:40] <m_kiewitz> Thank you very much for using FROM JAPAN.
[09:40] <m_kiewitz> We've completed your order for the following item(s).

[09:40] <logix> nice!
[09:40] <m_kiewitz> it took the whole week
[09:40] <m_kiewitz> order, cancel, order cancel, order cancel
[09:42] <logix> at worst you could have asked somebody in here from japan if they'd be willing to act as a proxy
[09:42] <m_kiewitz> I'm not sure if there is anyone from Japan in here
[09:42] <m_kiewitz> we have/had one developer, who is in Japan, but he doesn't reply to e-mails for some years now
[09:43] <m_kiewitz> and fromjapan is really cheap anyway, they also have proper customer support and everything
[09:43] <logix> jam__ seems to be
[09:43] <m_kiewitz> and most of the time orders go through automatically, this here is an exception because it's an adult item
[09:43] <m_kiewitz> oh? interesting
[09:44] <m_kiewitz> anyway, fromjapan is really cheap. their basic plan fee is 300 Yen and they ship via SAL small packet too
[09:44] <logix> yeah, I really just meant if fromjapan would fail for a longer amount of time
[09:44] <m_kiewitz> the problem in this case was simply the silly shop putting the item on sale basically every day but always removing it from sale in the morning
[09:45] <m_kiewitz> i mean if they would have put it on sale even at 8:00 JST it would have been fine, but 14:00 JST is like 6:00 here
[09:45] <m_kiewitz> or 5:00, idk
[09:45] <logix> where can you order through them? "auction" sounds like they do yahoo auctions
[09:45] <m_kiewitz> they basically allow everything
[09:45] <m_kiewitz> yahoo auctions, rakuten
[09:45] <logix> JST is 8 hours to CET, 7 hours to CEST
[09:45] <m_kiewitz> this one is from suruga-ya
[09:46] <m_kiewitz> suruga-ya is some hidden gem, large warehouse, tons of really rare games
[09:46] <m_kiewitz> and prices are really cheap for the most part
[09:46] <logix> nice, I'll keep it in mind if I'm looking into ordering stuff from japan
[09:46] <m_kiewitz> i got the Japanese Limited Edition of Okamiden from there for 4400 Yen only
[09:46] <logix> sounds easier than pinging people in know in japan and whom I've last spoken to years ago...
[09:46] <m_kiewitz> yes
[09:47] <m_kiewitz> and as i said - 300 Yen for basic plan only
[09:47] <m_kiewitz> you need to keep some things in mind though. they also offer an advanced plan for 700 Yen, which includes that ANY damage to your item during transit will get fully refunded by them
[09:47] <logix> "yo, wazzup, haven't spoken at all to you for about 5 years - could you help me order this... 'inflatable doll' from japan? kthxbye"
[09:47] <m_kiewitz> but when using that plan you won't get SAL small packet (well duh obviously), but you will only be able to ship using tracked method
[09:48] <m_kiewitz> lol
[09:48] <m_kiewitz> and they also don't do SAL small packet for items more expensive than 6000 Yen
[09:48] <m_kiewitz> and it also depends on weight, I think limit is at 2 kg
[09:49] <m_kiewitz> and when the item arrives, you typically should set up shipping and pay for it within 2 days. When you have set up shipping and do not pay within 2 days, they charge for every day
[09:49] <m_kiewitz> when you have not set up shipping, they will even keep your item for up to 30 days free of charge
[09:49] <m_kiewitz> it's really lovely, i made so many cheap purchases. must have been 20 or 30 until now.
[09:50] <m_kiewitz> even got a Silent Hill Making Of DVD, which is really rare, for a few bucks only. and it normally goes for 60+ pounds on ebay
[09:50] <m_kiewitz> SAL small packet means no customs fees for me, but almost no shop supports that anymore
[09:51] <m_kiewitz> for books there is also honto.jp, fully Japanese, but they do ship using SAL and they are really cheap (and packaging is top notch)
[09:54] <m_kiewitz> oh right and fromjapan even supports that they literally go shopping for you personally (in Tokyo), costs extra of course
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[12:39] <WooShell> meow =^.^=
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[13:33] <jam__> wow, looks like my ghosting has gone, lol
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[13:34] <jamm> fromjapan seems like a good place, worth it imo
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[14:02] <Strangerke|work> hi guys
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[14:17] <Joefish> hey Strangerke
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[14:18] <Strangerke|work> hi Joefish :) What's up?
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[14:20] <Joefish> currently designing the flyleaf for the gsoc proposal with my non-existent artistic talent :P getting some rough outlines done n stuff..
[14:20] <Joefish> and you?
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[14:24] <Strangerke|work> Working while trying to get new sources for ScummVM :P (in short, business as usual) ;)
[14:27] <t0by> Are we getting sources for plumbers this time?
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[14:29] <Strangerke|work_> t0by: no, but I still plan to RE it some day
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[14:37] <Joefish> t0by: I forgot to ask yesterday, what was _that_ game? :)
[14:38] <t0by> Strangerke|work_, do you think he's ready>
[14:38] <t0by> Joefish, it's Strangerke|work_'s favourite game ever.
[14:39] <Joefish> if it doesn't make my eyes bleed or I lose consciousness and wake up in my own feces I will be quite disappointed after all that build up
[14:44] <t0by> That's a very appropriate way of putting it, in fact.
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[15:05] <Strangerke|work_> Joefish: Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.
[15:06] <Strangerke|work_> The only game I know with 0 replayability that you play multiple times in a row without being able to stop laughing from the intro to the ending animation
[15:08] <logix> this is the first time I've heard of that game, so I just did a google image search
[15:08] <logix> I'm at a loss for words...
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[15:18] <Strangerke|work_> logix: you don't get all the insanity of the game with screenshots. You have to watch a longplay on youtube...
[15:19] <Strangerke|work_> logix: otherwise you can't imagine there's not a single animation in the whole game :)
[16:02] <Joefish> "It has been also cited as one of the primary reasons for the commercial failure of the 3DO game system" wow.. and here I thought bad investment decisions, shitty lead companies (like ADI for 3DO Doom port) and a bad release timing + mediocre hardware compared to the competition. But I can see this 'game' doing enough on its own..
[16:16] <Strangerke|work_> 3DO failure was all due to its price :P
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[16:29] <waltervn> the 3DO did get a pretty neat version of Star Control 2 though
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[17:22] <maxyodedara5> Hello guys
[17:24] <maxyodedara5> I'm kinda looking for an issue I can solve I know basic C++ and while looking at the scummvm repository i had no idea where to get started
[17:25] <maxyodedara5> Can anyone just point me in the right direction ?
[17:37] <t0by> maxyodedara5, hi, have you looked at https://bugs.scummvm.org/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=new&status=reopened&type=defect&group=component&max=0&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=priority&col=component&col=game&col=time&report=9&desc=1&order=id ?
[17:37] <t0by> whops
[17:37] <t0by> https://bugs.scummvm.org/report/9
[17:41] <t0by> Huh, this one might be interesting: https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/6851#no1
[17:42] <t0by> Actually no, it's probably a broken font.
[17:42] <maxyodedara5> Whoa lot of bugs thanks t0by
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[17:54] <maxyodedara5> I have a query If more than one person is opting for an idea from the idea list for the gsoc are they competing against each other?
[17:58] <t0by> maxyodedara5, when I did gsoc (5 years ago!) the org received a number of slots from Google *after* the proposal deadline, and then the org allocates students for those slots. Read the rules, though, or ask on #gsoc if you want an "official" answer.
[17:59] <t0by> If you are here for gsoc say so, you will get more help from potential mentors, who are eager to get students :)
[17:59] <t0by> (*Motivated* students)
[18:00] <maxyodedara5> (*Motivated* students) goes without saying 😅
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[18:26] <maxyodedara5> Hey also the pull request we are supossed to give with the proposal are we supossed to do that when we give the proposal or we can give it before the deadline of applications
[18:31] <wjp> it has to be there at the deadline
[18:33] <wjp> but in general sooner is better, as that gives you the chance to also show how you handle reviews and comments
[18:39] <t0by> And to *receive* reviews and comments.
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[19:19] <GitHub44> [scummvm] sev- pushed 6 new commits to master: https://git.io/vy7B2
[19:19] <GitHub44> scummvm/master 7074c98 Eugene Sandulenko: DIRECTOR: Improved debug output for resource loading
[19:19] <GitHub44> scummvm/master 2dc77ed Eugene Sandulenko: DIRECTOR: More loading process debug info
[19:19] <GitHub44> scummvm/master 444d193 Eugene Sandulenko: DIRECTOR: Fix num to cast id for cast A11
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[21:03] <mjeevan> HI! I am new to opensource, and I am very much interested in contributing to scummvm - as I have prior experience in game development ( small games ). Can anyone help me as to how can I contribute to this org. I even want to participate in GSoc 17
[21:06] <t0by> Hi mjeevan and welcome.
[21:07] <t0by> First read the GSOC page on the ScummVM wiki; then the coding guidelines; then pick a simple ticket to work on. And hang around in here :)
[21:07] <mjeevan> ok tq ..
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[21:14] <Lightkey> anyone seen the Full Throttle Remastered stream with Schafer just now?
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[21:48] <Lightkey> http://store.dotemu.com/fr/forums/dotemu-discussions/news/the-dotemu-online-store-is-closing-fermeture-de-la-boutique-dotemu
[22:02] <logix> I recall the name but I'm not a customer - what exactly are they selling? I mean their "packaging", was that a dosbox preconfigured for the game you're buying?
[22:02] <logix> or am I thinking of something different?
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[22:04] <logix> ah, depends on the game, they also package it with scummvm, ok
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[23:57] <m_kiewitz> wjp: available?
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