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[00:45] <Joefish> anyone here who could look over my (rough) proposal? There are still lots of TODOs but just so I know I'm on the right track
[01:04] <Joefish> I'm going to bed. I'll just ask again tomorrow. good night
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[06:40] <waltervn> morning
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[07:42] <Joefish> morning
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[08:29] <criezy> Joefish: I have to go to work now. But what we recommand for proposal review is to put it in a Gooogle Doc for which you authorize others to comment and share the link with us.
[08:33] <Joefish> criezy: thanks. I already got it on google doc. not sure if I should just paste the link here? I heard that proposals should be treated rather secretively to prevent plagiarism.
[08:35] <t0by> Strictly my personal opinion: I don't think that's necessarily the case. Particularly, if you share with us early plagiarism is automatically dected. Then again, you don't have to make it public, just allow select others to comment.
[08:35] <t0by> * if you share with us early, plagiarism is automatically detected
[08:36] <Joefish> yea I don't mind sharing it publically. Just don't want to violate any gsoc rules before even starting :D
[08:37] <Joefish> as I said before it's still rough cut so lots of TODOs but getting a feel if it's going in the right direction would be great https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gfgo6q74qDzN9tQnpySLu9ogiVYsNYpHKr3IdYlOYDg/edit?usp=sharing
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[09:36] <t0by> Joefish, notice that I did not claim to know anything about GSOC rules :)
[09:39] <Joefish> o_o' ..
[09:39] <Joefish> I better read up on it and destroy all the evidence if necessary
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[09:47] <logix> practically speaking, if somebody else comes along and claims you plagiarized him, you have good proof that you knew the contents of the document when you pasted that link, you've "marked your claim" if you will
[09:48] <logix> now they will have to prove that they had knowledge of the contents before that
[09:48] <logix> and you only have that proof *because* you pasted that link in public
[09:49] <logix> playing the devil's advocate - if you had only pasted that link to (say) t0by in private, he would have given it to me, and I would have then pasted a link with highly similar contents here, you'd have more of a problem arguing that this all was originally your content and I just stole it from you
[09:50] t0by is easily bribed though.
[09:55] <Joefish> I got 25 schmeckles and a used plumbus. should be enough to buy me in
[09:58] <Joefish> logix: guess you're right. It's just last year the org that I applied to was banned because they didn't realize one of their students copied another one's proposal almost word for word.
[10:00] <logix> Joefish: uh, hm... ok, that causes a problem then
[10:05] <Joefish> yea that was quite some drama. It seemed some potential mentor helped a student getting an edge besides the plagiarism and other admins/mentors realized it too late that google stepped in and banned their org and with it their suborgs.
[10:06] <Joefish> the stuff I experienced over a short period of time while searching for an org was quite sobering..
[10:07] <logix> Joefish: I found this here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/google-summer-of-code-discuss/bwLYnP-cQM4 - if this is about the same org, that sounds as if it was a more "toxic" org to begin with
[10:07] <logix> perhaps not in general - but in the whole context of gsoc
[10:09] <logix> I wouldn't be too worried about the same thing happening with scummvm - there's a level of interest by students but the ration of projects and applicants doesn't (yet? :) ) seem as bad as what they discuss there
[10:09] <logix> s/ration/ratio/
[10:10] <logix> but I understand that you're hesitant if this has happened to you in the past
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[10:12] <Joefish> logix: yea it seems to be the org I also applied to last year. Their community wasn't toxic but disorganized. It was really hard to get any definite answer even on simple things like coding style or direction of the project..
[10:13] <Joefish> logix: Yesterday someone asked sev about the project I'm also applying for. I immediately thought 'fuck fuck.. I need to do more, more bug fixes, better proposal, custom flyleaf art, ..' So, competition is ON :D
[10:14] <logix> Joefish: yeah, "toxic" was a harsh word, I really just meant that as in "not a good choice for gsoc", I cannot say anything about that org in general
[10:16] <logix> yeah, I saw that - you got a bit of a head start so far, but who knows how motivated the other person is :)
[10:20] <Joefish> logix: yea they were not prepared for it at all. But the first org (one of the bigger ones) I contributed to was personally the worst for me. Even before proposals could be submitted projects from the ideas list started to disappear. I asked an admin about it and he told me in private that they already assign projects privately to either longtime contributors or students they know and I won't stand a chance
[10:20] <Joefish> if not by some stroke of luck noone else applies for my project and it's crucial enough for the org. So yea.. Having their work and interested not appreciated the least felt quite shitty
[10:21] <Joefish> But now is 2017, new year new opportunities! I just hope it works out :)
[10:27] <logix> ugh, that sucks - I can understand in a way that if you have somebody already somewhat close to a project/org you want them to get accepted for it, but ultimately you're cheating google and making them support a student they otherwise wouldn't have, that doesn't sound right
[10:28] <logix> I'm OK with "you'd like to work on X? that also sounds like something google might support through gsoc, let's see if we can get you some financial support this way", but if somebody else is better than the prospective applicant, well, so be it
[10:29] <logix> ah well, yeah, good luck this year :)
[10:29] <Joefish> exactly. If there is fair competition for the slots I have no problem at all but removing the projects BEFORE even the proposal date is just ridiculous
[10:29] <Joefish> thanks logix :)
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[11:55] <criezy|Work> I can guarantee that on our side the competion for GSoC slots will be fair.
[11:55] <criezy|Work> We don't assign anybody to any project before reviewing all applications after the application deadline and discussing them between us.
[11:56] <criezy|Work> We did remove a SCI-related task from our idea list recently, but this was because it was outdated and we forgot to remove it before the start of GSoC 2017.
[11:59] <logix> t0by: that's not what YOU told me, I want my money back!
[12:04] <octolith> criezy and _sev: can you guys recommend a simple bug to fix as part of my application? Something like the one you proposed Pala. I'm working on Windows.
[12:06] <octolith> I forgot to say hi, please excuse me for my manners. It's mostly because I'm here most of the time and read everything, but rarely write :)
[12:06] <criezy|Work> octolith: I will have a look after lunch or this evening. Remind me if I forget.
[12:07] <criezy|Work> (and hi)
[12:07] <criezy|Work> If I remember correctly you were interested in GUI tasks for GSoC?
[12:08] <octolith> Thank you criezy. Yup, improving the main GUI is my choice. I'll start working on my application tonight and contact _sev too.
[12:09] <criezy|Work> You could look at the bugs for the 'GUI' component on https://bugs.scummvm.org/report/9
[12:23] <octolith> criezy: thanks, will do.
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[13:09] <Joefish> TIL 'xxd -i file.bin' generates C code for a file. quite nice
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[13:12] <Joefish> _sev: ping
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[14:52] <sos> hi guys!
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[14:59] <peterkohaut> hi
[15:01] <sos> hi
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[15:36] <criezy|Work> Thanks wjp. I was just about to reopen that bug ;)
[15:37] <Joefish> wjp: ping
[15:37] <wjp> Joefish: I appreciate the enthusiasm, but please leave managing the status of bug reports to us
[15:37] <Joefish> wjp: what do you mean by managing?
[15:37] <wjp> closing them, re-assigning them
[15:38] <Joefish> wow what. I thought that it meant 'I have a solution and think the bug report can be closed' and not be me sudo powers
[15:38] <Joefish> sorry
[15:39] <criezy|Work> Adding a comment to indicate you have a solution was a good idea. This prevents somebody else working on it in parallel.
[15:39] <Joefish> so, if I just want to comment on a bug and post a solution I just leave 'leave as new' as action?
[15:39] <wjp> yes
[15:40] <Joefish> alright good to know :)
[15:42] <criezy|Work> We will close the bug once we have reviewed and accepted your changes and they have been merged into our main repo.
[15:44] <wjp> ah, TracAutoCompleteUsersPlugin has been made compatible with trac 1.2. I'll have to update that later
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[16:07] <Joefish> Are links in commit messages rather frowned upon? In my case I want to link to a comment from the bug tracker or should I rather copy it in?
[16:09] <wjp> better copy it in
[16:09] <Joefish> alright
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[18:27] <WooShell> meow =^.^=
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[19:03] <_sev> Joefish: pong
[19:03] <_sev> octolith: let me quickly see
[19:06] <octolith> _sev: thank you! I sent you an email earlier today by the way.
[19:06] <_sev> octolith: you may help us with plugging several leaks on Full Pipe. Download the German Demo from our site, and run it. If you're on Windows, then Memorydoctor, if you're on *nix, then valgrind could help
[19:07] <octolith> _sev: okay, I'm going to do that :)
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[19:11] <_sev> octolith: replied
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[19:45] <m_kiewitz> octolith: you may also try Microsoft's AppVerifier in case you are on Windows
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[20:03] <Strangerke> hi guys
[20:03] <criezy> hi Strangerke
[20:03] <Strangerke> what's up? :)
[20:03] <snover> m_kiewitz: do you have a sci0/1 database at hand that could answer the question from late yesterday about whether baseVars are read from object instances in pre-sci1.1 scripts? if so, could you take a look or send it to me?
[20:05] <m_kiewitz> i have various IDBs, need to look into that. I almost never had to check script loading stuff, so it will take a while
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[20:32] <Shubh688> hi anyone?
[20:36] <criezy> Hi Shubh688
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[20:50] <Shubh688> about gsoc
[20:51] <criezy> Yes? What about gsoc? Do you have questions?
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[20:53] <octolith> m_kiewitz I'm doing just that, since Dr Memory just crashes on startup for some reason.
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[20:54] <m_kiewitz> yeah, i had no good experience with Dr. Memory either.
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[21:13] <Dark-Star> damn, that Xeen code looks worse than badly-written perl code ;-) but I guess that's the best you can get when converting assembly code to something resembling C++...
[21:19] <mjeevan> hi! may I know where do we get the source code, and where can we submit patches
[21:20] <Dark-Star> mjeevan: https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm
[21:21] <mjeevan> thank you.
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[21:26] <Shubh688> mehh......srry was afk for sometime
[21:26] <Shubh688> yeah...... i heard u guys were joining gsoc
[21:27] <octolith> Okay, so I'm running ScummVM debug with Appverifier enabled, with this config: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/3U1z0hYA/
[21:28] <Shubh688> and
[21:29] <octolith> Nothing extraordinary so far. If I just let it run for minutes as stated here https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/9654 no obvious memory leaks, no breaks.
[21:30] <octolith> I'm going to try to get to this area from the other bug report with the video: https://bugs.scummvm.org/ticket/9657
[21:32] <octolith> Since I don't want to waste time on figuring out how to get to that point... youtube walkthrough time.
[21:35] <Shubh688> i seee........the bug report is quite ugly.......also i think memory leak might not be the only problem.....but i might be wrong.
[21:36] <Shubh688> yeah so...what do u ppl require for hiring someone out of gsoc/
[21:36] <Shubh688> ?
[21:36] <octolith> By the way do you know whether that part still in the demo, or only the full version?
[21:38] <somaen> Shubh688: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Summer_of_Code <- This lists most of the specific information
[21:38] <somaen> Especially "Project Rules" covers most of the hard _requirements_
[21:39] <somaen> But other than the basic rules, the first place to start is perhaps slightly different, namely; What do you want do do?
[21:41] <Shubh688> i see....i just want to learn....if i could help along the way...even better
[21:41] <somaen> What interests you?
[21:41] <Shubh688> maths and meth usually
[21:42] <Shubh688> but i have some experience with c c++
[21:42] <somaen> Have a look at http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Summer_of_Code/GSoC_Ideas_2017 to see if any of the project ideas listed there sound interesting
[21:42] <Shubh688> a little of javascript.
[21:44] <Shubh688> i see
[21:47] <Shubh688> i see a couple of things i could contribute to.
[21:47] <Shubh688> thanks for this..i'll try applying
[21:47] <Shubh688> see ya
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[21:55] <dreammaster> Dark-Star: Right. And you generally don't want to get too enthusiastic about refactoring code when you have debugging/bug hunting to do. Easier to do so when the code correlates closely to the original
[21:56] <Dark-Star> true :)
[21:56] <dreammaster> And of course, once everything is bug free, it's so much more fun to move onto a new game, rather than trying to refactor the old one :)
[21:57] <Dark-Star> well, but OTOH you also don't want something like interface_map.cpp remain as-is ;-)
[21:59] <dreammaster> Oh, don't remind me of it. Unfortunately, though, I suspect I'll be somewhat limited to how much I can refactor it. As with Titanic, there's a difference between writing half-way decent code, and really understanding the original enough to be able to actually properly refactor everything
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[22:02] <GitHub191> [scummvm] peterkohaut pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vyNuH
[22:02] <GitHub191> scummvm/master dd74985 Peter Kohaut: BLADERUNNER: added Runciter character (petshop owner)
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[22:03] <octolith> A-HA! I found... something. This happened during loading an area. It seems like this malloc doesn't work properly for some reason. https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/TJdcV5yW/
[22:05] <logix> huh, can you see what hdr->size is?
[22:06] <logix> oh, it's down there at the bottom of the screen
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[22:10] <wjp> that doesn't seem overly large
[22:13] --> macdude22 joined #scummvm.
[22:16] <logix> hitting a limit, either imposed by hard- or software (like ulimit(3) on unix-alike OSes) is the only thing I know where malloc(x) would fail for a positive and "sufficiently small" x, as is the case here :-/
[22:17] <wjp> of course heap corruption can do crazy stuff too
[22:18] <logix> hm, from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12433947/ "Another reason for malloc() to fail on Windows is if your code allocates in one DLL and deallocates in a different DLL or EXE."
[22:18] <Dark-Star> mixing debug and release runtimes or -DLLs can also trigger strange behavior like this
[22:19] <logix> sounds more like that would cause free() to fail, but perhaps the free() succeeds but a *subsequent* malloc() then fails
[22:19] <logix> but I'm just guessing wildly
[22:19] <Dark-Star> the debug runtime puts guard values into memory, while the release runtime doesn't, for example
[22:20] <Dark-Star> I've seen crazy stuff happening when mixing runtimes :) that's why I always compile all prerequisites for scummvm myself to make sure they use the correct runtime
[22:20] <logix> Dark-Star: oh, wait, you wrote that yourself, I thought you were pasting from that SO link, because the answer I pasted from also mentions exactly that :)
[22:21] <peterkohaut> octoli
[22:21] <peterkohaut> sorry
[22:24] <octolith> Dark-Star: what prerequisites are you talking about? These libs: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Compiling_ScummVM/Visual_Studio/Compiling_Libraries
[22:24] <octolith> Or something else?
[22:25] <Dark-Star> octolith: yeah, those libs, and the others that scummvm wants (libcurl, sdl_net, libpng, libjpeg, and freetype)
[22:26] <peterkohaut> i have different set of prerequisites which i build with vs2017 if you want to try
[22:27] <Dark-Star> hm, I haven't seen that wiki page before :)
[22:27] <dreammaster> You know, we could do with a set of precompiled libraries prepared for VS2017. Just saying :)
[22:28] <octolith> Dark-Star: alright, thanks.
[22:28] <octolith> peterkohaut: Yeah sure, thank you
[22:28] <peterkohaut> but its like only 90% of them
[22:28] <dreammaster> Though maybe the VS2015 ones can still be used
[22:28] <peterkohaut> iam uploading it to cloud
[22:29] <peterkohaut> but you have to manually edit project dependencies in vs2017 for now:/
[22:32] <peterkohaut> https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsGCEhHnIQX4gbg-UdSIgUUS_pXSZg
[22:32] <Dark-Star> I would upload my VS2017 libs but I use /MT and /MTd instead of the (recommended) /MD /MDd :)
[22:34] <dreammaster> Thanks :)
[22:35] <dreammaster> I'm still using VS2015 for now, but it'll be helpful when I eventually upgrade
[22:35] <peterkohaut> but in scumm project you have to switch libs to this zlib.lib;libmad.lib;libvorbisfile_static.lib;libvorbis_static.lib;libogg_static.lib;libFLAC_static.lib;win_utf8_io_static.lib;libpng16.lib;libtheora_static.lib;jpeg-static.lib;libcurl.lib;SDL2_net.lib;iphlpapi.lib;sdl2.lib;winmm.lib;normaliz.lib;ws2_32.lib;wldap32.lib;crypt32.lib;%(AdditionalDependencies)
[22:35] <dreammaster> What's different?
[22:35] <peterkohaut> these are new SDL2_net.lib;normaliz.lib;ws2_32.lib;wldap32.lib;crypt32.lib removed is is SDL_net.lib
[22:36] <Dark-Star> yeah, I just wanted to write that as well... you definitely need those 3 windows libs (ws2_32, wldap32 and crypt32)
[22:37] <peterkohaut> but its not done yet, i still have to rebuild these: libfaad, jpegturbo and winsparkle
[22:37] <dreammaster> You might want to try your hand at changing the create_project tool to have it automatically include those changes for VS2017, and submit it as a pull erquest
[22:37] <Dark-Star> and you need to #define CURL_STATICLIB somewhere (only if you use a static libcurl library of course)
[22:39] <Dark-Star> what is normaliz.lib and winsparkle? I don't have those
[22:39] <dreammaster> Winsparkle.dll at least is for the automatic updates of the executable we now support
[22:39] <Dark-Star> ah. create_project doesn't enable this then, I guess
[22:39] <dreammaster> So users running 1.9 can get automatic future releases
[22:43] <Dark-Star> dreammaster: you might want to cherry-pick that little commit: https://github.com/darkstar/scummvm/commit/92d982ee743af5ec28feaccaac803b561894c4ec ;-)
[22:44] <octolith> Please clear it up for me why these libs would help. The solution uses the Windows 8.1 SDK (which I downloaded) and I didn't make any changes to the project files. Based on your input: would I be better off with VS15 at this point?
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[22:44] <dreammaster> Well, at the moment, we do have all the needed LIB files for a VS2015 installation you can download straight from the Wiki website.
[22:45] <dreammaster> So, by all sounds, it may be simpler in the short term.
[22:45] <Dark-Star> octolith: I'm not convinced that these fixes are VS2017-only fixes. For example you can also enable libcurl on vs2015, and you definitely cannot use libcurl without winsock, even on VS2015, so you'd need to add ws2_32.lib there as well...
[22:45] <dreammaster> At least until create_project is updated accordingly :)
[22:47] <dreammaster> Well, as far as I know, everything is enabled for VS2015, except fluidsynth, which is explicitly disabled in the create_msvc14.bat. I haven't had any linking errors, and I just only recently installed 2015 and the Libs zip on a new laptop
[22:47] <octolith> Yes, but what is the difference? Why would the libs need to be updated to VS17 if the solution is unchanged and I use the old sdk?
[22:49] <octolith> Well, I'll install VS2015 then
[22:49] <dreammaster> I honestly can't say. I'm no real expert on Visual studio libraries and dependencies. I just know that it worked for me on a new laptop, and considering the trouble I've had in the past trying to build all the libraries, that it worked made me soooo happy :)
[22:50] <Dark-Star> yeah, MSVC can be a bit tricky in that regard :)
[22:54] <dreammaster> To this day we still don't have a fluidsynth VS lib compiled
[22:55] <peterkohaut> pls where is that full pipe german demo? i found only russian one
[22:55] <octolith> Ok, what I know is that it's almost midnight here and I have to be up early tomorrow. I'm gonna launch the VS2015 installation now and compile ScummVM again tomorrow and try again
[22:56] <octolith> peterkohaut: press the little green sign left of the title
[22:56] <peterkohaut> sorry, my bad, thanks
[22:57] <octolith> I couldn't find it at first, either ;)
[23:07] <Dark-Star> dreammaster: how do the SCREEN_POSITIONING_X and _Y arrays work? They somehow encode a "linear" way of enumerating different tiles in front of the party, or something?
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[23:09] <Dark-Star> I know that X[?][7] means one square ahead and X[?][14] means 2 squares ahead, but other than that it doesn't really make sense to me :)
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