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[00:19] <GitHub96> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vyNHn
[00:19] <GitHub96> scummvm/master 0aaa6c4 Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: Implemented CStarControlSub12 fn2
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[00:31] <Lightkey> https://www.gog.com/news/watch_tim_schafer_talk_about_full_throttle_remastered
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[00:38] <GitHub41> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vyNQQ
[00:38] <GitHub41> scummvm/master a0330c1 Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: Implemented CStarControlSub12 matrix row handling
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[00:52] <Lightkey> eh, didn't know there is a chat replay if you watch a recording on Twitch directly: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/129367608
[00:52] <Lightkey> neet
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[00:53] <GitHub197> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vyN79
[00:53] <GitHub197> scummvm/master 3593f3f Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: Implemented CStarControlSub12 fn1
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[00:53] <Dark-Star> okay, I managed to build fluidsynth with MSVC. but I have to go to bed now, so I cannot test it with ScummVM today :-)
[00:53] <dreammaster> Holy crap
[00:53] <dreammaster> You da master :)
[00:53] <Dark-Star> TIL: MSVC finally supports sprintf()
[00:53] <Dark-Star> snprintf I mean
[00:54] <Dark-Star> if you #define snprintf _snprintf (as was required before) it will spit out an error :)
[00:54] <Joefish> 2017 WOOO! :O
[00:54] <Dark-Star> also, I had to hack a lot of stuff to make FluidSynth compile (CMakeLists.txt, header files, etc.)
[00:55] <Dark-Star> fluidsynth.exe seems to run (I have no soundfonts to test and it complains about a missing MIDI driver or something, but it's really getting late and I feel my concentration dropping ;-)
[00:55] <dreammaster> Go to bed then. That you've even got it to compile is enough of a feat for today :)
[00:55] <Dark-Star> I'll try to enable it in scummvm tomorrow, we'll see how it goes :)
[00:56] <Dark-Star> g'night all
[00:56] <dreammaster> night
[00:56] <Joefish> night Dark-Star :)
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[01:06] <GitHub141> [scummvm] dreammaster pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vyN5K
[01:06] <GitHub141> scummvm/master 80c2232 Paul Gilbert: TITANIC: Fix compiler warning
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[03:11] <Lightkey> https://twitter.com/sibachmann/status/843860688514760705
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[06:40] <waltervn> morning
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[07:13] <octolith> Good morning
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[07:13] <octolith> I have some moderately interesting news
[07:14] <Harekiet> only very interesting news plz
[07:14] <octolith> the create_project.vxproj is set up to use Platform Toolset v141
[07:14] <octolith> But that's not VS2015 Toolset
[07:15] <octolith> Instead it's VS2017
[07:15] <octolith> So I cannot build ScummVM with VS2015 with the default configuration
[07:16] <octolith> Sorry I mean I can't build create_project
[07:17] <octolith> So it seems like the create_project was already done on VS2017 release candidate or something
[07:19] <octolith> Who else is working with Visual Studio? How's your dev environment set up?
[07:20] <octolith> Btw the error I get when building with VS2015 is:
[07:20] <octolith> C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V140\Microsoft.Cpp.Platform.targets(57,5): error MSB8020: The build tools for v141 (Platform Toolset = 'v141') cannot be found. To build using the v141 build tools, please install v141 build tools. Alternatively, you may upgrade to the current Visual Studio tools by selecting the Project menu or right-click
[07:20] <octolith> the solution, and then selecting "Retarget solution".
[07:20] <Harekiet> I recall building scummvm a few weeks ago but I thought all that stuff was generated dynamically
[07:22] <octolith> I can build with VS2017 no problem, since it's meant to be built with that it seems
[07:22] <octolith> See Platform Toolset v141 https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/9hDX3JUV/
[07:23] <octolith> Should I change this to v140
[07:23] <octolith> Or should I just stick with VS2017
[07:23] <octolith> Or should I throw my computer out the window
[07:23] <Harekiet> throw it out the window and have a beer
[07:24] <octolith> *coffee rather
[07:25] <cpasjuste> hi
[07:33] <wanwan> can't you just change the toolset to the one that comes with your VS and recompile? maybe it will work
[07:38] <Deledrius> I managed to build it just recently with VS2017. My dev env is a frankenstein's monster of an environment though.
[07:39] <Deledrius> Took a bit of work, and I had to hand-build a few of the libraries missing from the dev libs download.
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[07:53] <octolith> wanwan: I do can change it, my question is rather: which way is best.
[07:53] <octolith> Anyways, I'd rather work with VS2017
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[07:54] <octolith> So I guess I'll compile the libs myself with VS2017
[07:56] <octolith> or just use the ones by peterkohaut
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[08:04] <Strangerke|work> hi guys
[08:04] <peterkohaut> octolith: are you using new create_project which i updated for vs2017 and targeting vs2017, because it will buil scummvm without problems with existing precompiled libraries (for vs2015)
[08:08] <octolith> I used this one both for VS2015 and 2017: devtools\create_project\msvc15
[08:09] <octolith> Shall I try msvc14 with VS2015? I made the assumption that msvc15 is for VS2015 that might have been the problem
[08:11] <peterkohaut> msvc15 is for vs2017
[08:12] <peterkohaut> btw i was looking at that fullpipe and for sure u know that code better than me, but in anihandler.cpp:169 -> _items[idx]->subItems.push_back(new MGMSubItem); i can't find delete for that new
[08:12] <peterkohaut> but maybe i just missed something
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[08:19] <peterkohaut> octolith: please, can you send me that generated solution/project files which are not working for you?
[08:21] <octolith> I think the problem was that I tried to build the msvc15 one with VS2015 and not the msvc14 one.
[08:22] <octolith> Or you need the one that I built with VS2017?
[08:22] <octolith> Please clarify :)
[08:23] <octolith> peterkohaut: ^
[08:28] <peterkohaut> this is for vs2017 create_project ..\.. --disable-all-engines --enable-engine=bladerunner --disable-fluidsynth --disable-freetype --msvc --msvc-version 15 --build-events
[08:28] <peterkohaut> and this for 2015 create_project ..\.. --disable-all-engines --enable-engine=bladerunner --disable-fluidsynth --disable-freetype --msvc --msvc-version 14 --build-events
[08:28] <peterkohaut> it works on my pc
[08:29] <peterkohaut> in both visual studios
[08:29] <peterkohaut> and prebuild libraries
[08:29] <peterkohaut> from wiki
[08:29] <peterkohaut> and iam building debug/32bit
[08:30] <peterkohaut> create_project.exe is same for both
[08:31] <logix> excuse my ignorance, is it not possible to write a batch file that 1) downloads the dependencies in source form if needed, 2) compiles them and 3) compiles scummvm
[08:31] <logix> fixed for a visual studio version, a git commit id (or a scummvm release) etc.
[08:32] <octolith> Yeah I'm going to build msvc14 with VS2015 now.
[08:32] <logix> I'm not talking about something that would allow building arbitrary scummvm versions, really just something that reproducibly builds version X
[08:33] <logix> "reproducibly" meaning "identical binaries/libs", at least up to things that might be inherently compile-time - e.g., timestamps, path names in debug versions, etc.
[08:35] <peterkohaut> logix: i think its possible, but it will take quite time to do that
[08:35] <peterkohaut> and official builds are made by gcc+mingw64 and by msvc
[08:37] <logix> peterkohaut: come to think of it, my question isn't that much different from yours the other day where you asked for the exact toolchain versions on buildbot
[08:37] <logix> or well - it's different, but related
[08:39] <peterkohaut> yes, because i'm trying to make new precompiled libs
[08:40] <peterkohaut> with same versions which is official build using
[08:41] <peterkohaut> if its worth an effort to make that script i can try to make it
[08:42] <logix> I'm not really sure it is - it's just that following all the discussion on how to build the windows version with VS vX while the project files all already use VS vY etc. it sounded like it might have been useful here
[08:42] <logix> but I'm not sure if there is more general use for it
[08:48] <peterkohaut> i don't know either, because i don't know how many devs wants to rebuild dependencies from scratch
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[10:08] <Deledrius> Devel library dependency on Windows is such a mess. >_< We struggle with making it simple for new devs even on a relatively simple project like Plasma.
[10:19] <wjp> msys2+pacman makes life so much easier on windows
[10:43] <TMM> wjp, I've found the actual quality of the packages to be somewhat hit and miss though
[10:44] <TMM> wjp, we can't really use them directly as dependencies for scummvm release builds either
[10:49] <wjp> We never considered or wanted that, did we?
[10:53] <TMM> wjp, it was suggested in the past to use those libraries for win32 releases
[10:53] <TMM> wjp, I really didn't want that :)
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[11:47] <peterkohaut> tmm: quality of which packages? in msys2 or those precompiled for msvc in wiki?
[11:49] <TMM> peterkohaut, the msys2 ones, the precompiled ones on the wiki I don't know anything about
[11:50] <TMM> I believe they were prepared by dreammaster
[11:54] <peterkohaut> what is wrong with them?
[12:05] <Dark-Star> FluidSynth on MSVC2017: http://i.imgur.com/CA22iDr.png
[12:07] <Dark-Star> no patches to ScummVM neccessary (except defining USE_FLUIDSYNTH and adding the gui/fluidsynth-dialog.cpp/.h files)
[12:07] <Dark-Star> but compiling fluidsynth itself is a major PITA, no wonder nobody has done it so far :-)
[12:10] <Dark-Star> I'll write something up tonight so that it can be reproduced and included in the dev libs in the future
[12:12] <octolith> Nice work
[12:13] <octolith> By the way, the combobreaker site doesn't exist anymore https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/QP8mRBkX/
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[14:05] <maxyodedara5> octolith: i had the same problem a while ago Use VS2015 and if we use msvc15 it gives you the error you mentioned so use the msvc14 and it'll ask you to install the SDK for your Windows platform and some C++ toolkit and once it is done with the environment variables set it should work fine
[14:06] <octolith> maxyodedara5: thanks, I already did what you just wrote and everything is a-ok now. Forgot to mention it.
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[14:08] <FleetAdmiral[m]> Regarding my proposal, i'm pretty much jsut followint Tkachov's suggestion (with a few changes in color, and building on it a bit more) for the webpage, since it seemed to be structured with the content that _sev found missing in mine. Since its already application period, can i go ahead and directly submit the mockup along with a draft proposal?
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[14:33] <_sev> FleetAdmiral[m]: I highly suggest to discuss it with Tkachov first
[14:35] <_sev> FleetAdmiral[m]: particularly, whether he will be content with you borrowing his design and ideas
[14:40] <FleetAdmiral[m]> Tkachov: Are you fine with me using your design/mockup to build my own? I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions btw, since your blog was posted on the scummvm website i automatically assumed you were a member and were putting it out there to help others complete their proposals :/
[14:41] <Tkachov> FleetAdmiral[m]: yeah, sure
[14:42] <FleetAdmiral[m]> Tkachov: Awesome, thanks :D
[14:42] <FleetAdmiral[m]> _sev: So for my original question, can i directly submit it with my proposal draft, and then change it as per the feedback?
[14:43] <_sev> FleetAdmiral[m]: it is up to you
[14:46] <FleetAdmiral[m]> Awesome, thanks _sev!
[15:06] <peterkohaut> octolith: did you notice that possible leak in the fullpipe which i wrote? the one about mgmsubitem
[15:21] <octolith> peterkohaut: not yet. What I noticed though is that changing rooms repeatedly makes the game use a lot of memory (duh).
[15:21] <octolith> I run into some weird issue every time
[15:22] <octolith> https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/2pAhETXy/
[15:23] <octolith> This is after running/playing the game for some time
[15:24] <octolith> Visual Studio complains that it can't find the pdb file for ig7icd32.dll
[15:27] <peterkohaut> that is a part of graphics driver for intel gpu, no?
[15:31] <octolith> yeah
[15:32] <octolith> peterkohaut: How did you notice that leak? What should I focus on?
[15:33] <octolith> Do I need to adjust appverifier settings?
[15:41] <Joefish> _sev: hi. Sorry I missed you yesterday. I have been working on my proposal and wondered what "the right way" would be for implementing the game logic as it is not parsed on runtime from scripts but in the executable itself. Especially if post-GSoC or someone else decides to port his only other game "andromeda's erbe" that seems to use the same engine or at least as a base so it can be easily extended for it.
[15:41] <Joefish> Do you know of any games with a similar structure that are already ported and I can take a look at how they solved it or should I rather focus on the task at hand and come up with my own?
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[15:57] <Joefish> _sev: my proposal so far https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gfgo6q74qDzN9tQnpySLu9ogiVYsNYpHKr3IdYlOYDg/edit?usp=sharing . Also, should graphics be recreated or just subtitled? If we were to just subtitle it I could create the translation for ger->eng with gettext like ScummVM is already done and others could add further translations. Just an idea.
[15:59] <peterkohaut> octolith:i dont know if its a leak, but there is no delete for that new operator, or i was not able to find it
[16:01] <peterkohaut> octolith: i think it was mentioned few times in a valgrind report in one of bugs related to that
[16:06] <wjp> yeah, I remember seeing that MGMSubItem leak
[16:07] <wjp> not sure where, but some time ago already
[16:13] <logix> Joefish: this doesn't help you much, but this reminds me of the situation with legend entertainment games (the "spellcasting" series, timequest, ...) - they come up somewhat often as games that people would like to see as supported by scummvm, but the usual reply is that it would be overly complex as a lot of the game logic is in the executable and *not* just in the data files
[16:14] <logix> as I said, more of a general comment than anything else
[16:18] <Joefish> logix: fortunately for this project the source code will be provided. Reverse engineering all the logic seems to be quite tedious indeed..
[16:19] <Joefish> has there been any contact with the original developers for the source?
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[16:24] <Joefish> "Spellcasting 101 offers two gameplay modes of differing levels of sexual content" Hard mode getting a complete new meaning..
[16:32] <logix> Joefish: I don't know... I think there's a DOS tool capable of dumping at least *some* of the game logic, but that's all I know
[16:39] <Strangerke|work> logix: Legend games are kind of an exception
[16:40] <Strangerke|work> logix: we were explicitely asked by Bob Bates to avoid to work on it because he's trying to get the rights back
[16:40] <Strangerke|work> Joefish: and yes, there have been many contacts with him in the past 9 years :P
[16:42] <logix> Strangerke|work: oooh, interesting
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[16:59] <Joefish> cal -yw
[16:59] <Joefish> oops
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[17:56] <WooShell> meow =^.^=
[17:57] <Dark-Star> anyone here have a working MSVC 2017 build setup? :)
[18:18] <_sev> Joefish: take a look at tsage, fullpipe, titanic, drascula, neverhood. All of these have their scripts hardcoded
[18:22] <_sev> Joefish: drascula offers multilanguage strings, so does saga. take a look, say, at devtools/create_drascula which contains multilanguage strings
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[18:53] <Joefish> _sev: thanks a lot :)
[19:01] <criezy> Good evening
[19:01] <Joefish> evening criezy :)
[19:02] <Joefish> how're you doing?
[19:03] <criezy> Good.
[19:03] <criezy> For drascula we also moved away some of the hardcoded logic to the data file. See the roomActions array in create_drascula.
[19:03] <criezy> Which means it is not hardcoded in the ScummVM engine.
[19:05] <ashutosh97> I've compiled scummvm and also checked out the gui and Mortevielle engine and tried to understand as much as i could . It would be great if someone could help me further for gsoc ?
[19:05] <criezy> Hi ashutosh97
[19:05] <criezy> I just saw your private message
[19:05] <criezy> And we can continue the discussion in private
[19:06] <ashutosh97> Oh, i thought my message wasn't delivered due to some glitch! Thank you :)
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[20:38] <Strangerke> hi guys
[20:38] <fuzzie> g'evening
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[20:39] Strangerke hugs fuzzie
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[20:45] <criezy> I have an issue with the wheel events in ScummVM.
[20:46] <criezy> There is a OS setting for the scroll direction on OS X and I assume there is the same one on Windows and Linux.
[20:46] <criezy> On the SDL side it impacts the SDL_MOUSEWHEEL in two respects: the ev.wheel.y sign is changed and ev.wheel.direction is set to either SDL_MOUSEWHEEL_NORMAL or SDL_MOUSEWHEEL_FLIPPED.
[20:46] <criezy> In sdl-events.cpp, if ev.wheel.direction is SDL_MOUSEWHEEL_FLIPPED we changed the sign back for ev.wheel.y.
[20:46] <criezy> This means that Common::EVENT_WHEELDOWN is indeed created when when moving the wheel down, whatever the OS setting.
[20:46] <criezy> But this means that the scrolling direction (for example the list of games in the laucher) does not respect the OS setting.
[20:47] <criezy> Do we use mouse wheels for anything other than scrolling?
[20:47] <criezy> I am tempted to send a Common::EVENT_WHEELUP when moving the wheel down and the OS scroll direction setting is inverted. Thoughts?
[20:48] <criezy> I am also wondering what happen in SDL < 2.0.4 since the ev.wheel.direction was added in 2.0.4.
[20:48] <criezy> I don't know if the y sign was flipped or not depending on the OS setting.
[20:50] Nick change: csnover -> snover
[20:51] <criezy> Answer (after testing with a SDL 1 build): the y sign is also inverted, but since there is not direction info in the SDL event we don't invert it back.
[20:51] <criezy> So the OS setting for the scrolling is respected,
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[21:08] <GitHub136> scummvm/master a20d217 Thierry Crozat: SDL: Respect OS setting for wheel scroll direction on SDL 2.0.4+...
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[22:00] <peterkohaut> Dark-Star: what do you mean by build setup?
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[22:07] <Dark-Star> being able to compile a working ScummVM binary with MSVC 2017
[22:08] <Dark-Star> I'm looking for someone to test my fluidsynth build instructions (I didn't write everything down yesterday when I built it and now I'm not sure I reproduced everything that needed to be done)
[22:09] <peterkohaut> iam using msvc2017
[22:10] <peterkohaut> and so far, successfully :)
[22:11] <Dark-Star> okay, if you want to you can try it: http://pastebin.com/U8xjQm3j
[22:12] <Dark-Star> it's a bit involved (and some things could probably be made to work easier/better) but I was quite tired yesterday and I'm happy I got it to work at all :)
[22:14] <peterkohaut> those are quite nice instructions, ill try it tomorrow, because its pretty late here
[22:15] <Dark-Star> no problem. I think I got all the (major) steps required but maybe I forgot one or two little things, who knows :)
[22:16] <peterkohaut> and where it is used? in which game?
[22:17] <Dark-Star> huh? it's a MIDI driver. it's used in any game that does MIDI music
[22:17] <Dark-Star> you'll also need a soundfont (*.sf2) file but you can find plenty of those online
[22:19] <peterkohaut> ok, sorry:) i didnt know for what it was used
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[22:44] <GitHub166> scummvm/master eb1393a Eugene Sandulenko: DIRECTOR: Dump bulit-in director file for D3
[22:44] <GitHub166> scummvm/master 0e34584 Eugene Sandulenko: DIRECTOR: Fix loading D2 EXE
[22:44] <GitHub166> scummvm/master 71b4514 Eugene Sandulenko: DIRECTOR: Fix loading from built-in movie
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